For the working woman. The mom. The dad. The dude. The child.

For you.

Should I drink that tea while I'm pregnant? What's the deal with multivitamins?
What if I don't want to make smoothies every morning? 

There are a lot of questions in life. I'm here to make some of them simpler to answer. Below, find a variety of resources that I've found helpful as I try to answer the little, and the not so little, questions that life brings. Take what you want. Leave what doesn't fit. Let me know what you're still wondering about. 


does it work? 
(spoiler: yes!)

how does it work?

what type works the best?

What is it good for?
(absolutely something...)

Chinese Herbal Medicine

The good

The bad

the ugly

Condition Specific







In the path of our happiness shall we find the learning for which we have chosen this life.
— Richard Bach